Monday 18 July 2011

The Business of the Olympics 2012

Hi and welcome to your 'Enterprise Day Olympic team challenge'

You are going to be working in teams of up to four people, which you can choose yourself.  For this next hour you will be assessed on the skills that you use in the followign areas so it will be worth quickly familiarising yourself with what these skills and qualities look like in practice so look out for posters around the room that you are working in.

Assessment Criteria


Task 1. General Knowledge Quiz - How much do you know about the 2012 Games ?

Task 2. In your teams you are to put a 60 second presentation together with your proposal to address the following questions

"How will you use the Olympic facilitiues after the 2012 Olympic games have finished.

Your sixty second presentation should include the following:
  • Your teams company name
  • Your company logo and strap line
  • A summary of the ideas that your team have generated through mindmapping
  • An App for android and iphones that will promote your suggestions and ideas
  • A press release including all of the above to announce in the schools enterprise day newspaper should your teams proposal win.
Remember you will be judged by your peers based on the presentation and its contents and your teacher based on your teams ability to display the personal learning and thinking skills above. Use your time wisely as the one hour lesson will disappear quickly if you dont !

The following websites may prove helpful:

Good luck to you all and we look forward to hearing about your proposal in the OSA Press !

The Business & Enterprise Team

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