Monday 4 July 2011

Additional homework

Hi Hamza

sorry that this has taken so long to set up but here is some additional work from Science and Art to keep you thinking and learning whilst your recovering at home.

Message from Ms Crean

I have attached 4 different artists for Hamza to analyse at home and then use them to develop his practical work when he is back in school. They include Andy WarholDerek GoreGiacommettiDavid Hockney. I have also included our writing frame which should help him analyse the images.

Hamza if you do this on paper then when you are back in school your teacher will be able to help you put the project together.

Hamza you were also working on a portrait project so if you can find other portrait artists as well that will ultimately help you.

Message from Ms Poole

Hamza should have a revision guide at home (‘Core GCSE Science’ red guide) but if he doesn’t his brother Maaz can collect one from Mr Thompson in B4.  You should attempt the worksheets below and then go to:
and follow the links to the Yr 10 past exam papers and try them all and then use the link to mark them.

B2 Keeping Healthy
B3 Life on Earth
C3 Keywords
C3 Organic Farming
P2 Radiation & Life
P3 Revision

Hamza hope that this is useul and let me know when you would like me to post some more by emailing me at

Hope your feeling better soon.  We all miss you !

Mr T

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