Tuesday 14 June 2011

Unit 3 Cashflow Forecasting - P6

Good morning year 12

heres a little exercise to keep you busy for the rest of the week and will see you complete the final PASS task for Unit 3.

You can read up on 'cashfow forecasting' on pages 83 - 91 in the core text.

I've also attached a powerpoint presentation here

  • The data for task P6 can be found here and
  • the excel spreadsheet template to complete and load the data into from above can be downloaded here.

You need to complete and submit a cashflow forecast each with a front page for P6. 

For those who wish to attempt the MERIT task see section B of the data sheet above.

For those who are destined for MERITS and DISTINCTIONS overall I have re-attached the assignment for you to complete this work

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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