Thursday 4 April 2019

Thought for the Day - Time, Attention and Care

Dear Year 10

As we leave our friends behind to focus on Easter can todays thought for the day be on

Time, to reflect on what went well this term and what can be better next.

Attention, are you a person who has learnt about the importance of detail or do you push to make sure that you invest the time to make the attention to everything a priority?

Finally CARE, its the pillars of our society for a reason and as Ofsted noted, it helps us drive our moral compass.

Spend today discussing where you are with the above and more importantly where you would like to be so that your focus for the rest of year 10 is HOW YOU WILL GET THERE.

Happy Friday and sorry you didn't get an Easter card by hand so watch out as ill get it to you somehow before Easter.

Oh and thanks for being the best tutor group ever

Mr T

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