Tuesday 26 February 2019

Starting the PENULTIMATE Unit. Unit 5 Sales and personal selling

Dear Year 12L2 Business owners and sales staff of tomorrow

Here is our second to last unit.

As you realised from the lesson selling is a skill and something you can develop and make a living from very easily.

The Kirby Home Cleaning System was the example that we used in class to demonstrate how.

This unit is made up of TWO assignments.

Assignment 1 covers P1-P4 as well as M1 M2 & D1

Part 1 - The Functions of Sales Staff (P1)

Explain what business (Hydropool UK) you are going to look at and give an overview of what they sell

Explain that the sales staff has a number of functions which you will describe

  • Selling

Explain how the staff are responsible for selling the goods or services

Describe a situation where they make a sale or encourage customers to buy something additional

Is it face to face or over the phone etc.?

  • Providing information

Describe how staff in the business might provide information on particular products or services

Give a specific example

  • Dealing with routine queries or complaints

Describe a situation where customers might have a question, complaint or query about the product or service

Give a specific example

  • Representing the organisation

Describe how the staff members are representatives of the business and it is important for them to be well presented and look professional or sound professional if over the phone

Give a specific situation for your business

The resources for a successful outcome on your first challenge are below

  • Sales and personal selling PowerPoint for P1 is here
  • Your induction training pack exemplar is here.
  • Your P1 tick list / mark sheet is here.
  • Unit 5 Assignment part 1 is here 

Challenge set: Tuesday 26th February 2019

Due date: Period 1 Friday 1st March 2019.

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