Wednesday 27 February 2019

P1 Unit 8 - Long Haul Destinations - 'Were all going on a summer holiday...'

Dear year 13

For P1 of this unit we will identify on blank maps the different continents for long haul travel destinations.

One map to detail a minimum of five continents including North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australasia

You then need to identify using an atlas and holiday brochures on one map for each continent a minimum of five holiday destination.

These holiday destinations on each continent need to have an example of the following holiday destinations:

  • City
  • Coastal / beach
  • Natural
  • Purpose built
  • Historical and 
  • Cultural
We will start your training for this on Wednesday 27th February, my daughters 25th birthday and currently she is in Java, so that counts too.  Let us know when you would like us to test you on it before the end of the week so that we can crack on with P2.

This unit will be the unit that you have your entire day doing work experience with Mike Collins team at Tropical Sky.  You decided that a Wednesday in Week A would be best for you as you have a single Travel lesson with me Period 1 and a Double period 3 & 4 with the wonderful Miss Hillman

We need to set this up as a trip / work experience so as soon as the school has decided the best way we will agree a date sooner than later so that you can finish this unit by Easter and hopefully as per our plan a year last Christmas be done before your final external exams!  What's not to like so as promised I have saved the lest until last.

Over to you....

Assignment 1 (hand out date - 27.02.09) and Assignment 2 (hand out date - 06.03.19)  cover P1, P2, P3 M1, D1 for Unit 8

Issue date see above.

Submission date for BOTH is: 20.03.19

Good luck and do well this is your final chance to secure a distinction star if you are worthy of it and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE

Mr T

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