Thursday 8 November 2018

Thought for the day - Is there ever such a thing as a Just War?

Cameron put his case for and against such a debate and created a powerpoint to support you in thinking about it.  You can see it again here

You still have an opportunity to think about this again.

Is there ever such a thing as a just war? Have you got an opinion and if so where would you put yourself on the continuum? yourself on the continuum.

To the left of the room never - To the right of the room always

Still not sure look at the slides  here  Oh and here is the Guardians view on armistice centenary 

BBC ethics puts the case against a just war click here

Think more recently about Iraq, Libya and the gulf ward and the great war of 1914-1918 which is 100 years ago this Sunday

Then reflect over the weekend on how you might say thank you for those that did go to war to allow you to live in a free democratic society today

Ways to say thank you

The Poppy Story

lessons from an 100 Year old

Whatever your beliefs its important to REMEMBER! and be prepared to share how you demonstrated your gratitude in tutor time next week!

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