Friday 16 November 2018

This weeks Thought for the Day on Children in Need Day - Why do we need to develop skills

Why do we need to develop SKILLS:

  1. Be able to read (effectively) 
  2. Listen (properly)
  3. Follow instructions  
  4. Think quickly
  5. Be aware of the world around us and understand what's going on in the world
Because the world that you are preparing for needs you to be able to do more than COPE!

Employers want these skills and school is where you should be developing them!

Some of you are doing great but others are still fighting the system.

Time is ticking for you all in this GCSE but if you have it in you Imberhorne School will get it out of you.

For those that did not do that great in the BBC CIN fun quiz this morning why not try it again in your own time or with your family when you get home but remember to focus on developing your skills EVERYDAY.  Then check your answers here
Pudsey says "Help yourself to be great"

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