Tuesday 20 November 2018

The final furlong! Last minute preperations for the Finance exam

Dear all

this PowerPoint here covers the entire Unit 2 content that we have studied the last nine weeks.

After you have done the Formula test for the fourth time today can I suggest that you use it in partnership with a method of testing it.

If each person in the class creates a method for testing each topic that means that you have many tests as well as the PowerPoint to revise.

Other resources can be found on the student shared drive below:
R:\Subjects\Key Stage 4\Business\BTEC L2\Year 11.12 2018-2019\unit 2 finance revision

You need to do more than PASS this exam on Friday during period 1 and I don't see you again after today this week.

Hat tip to Ruben for the Kahoot here on equations.

Exam skills powerpoint here

Topics in Unit 2 are listed here  Why not RAG rate the list and focus on the red stuff!

All best wishes and good luck on Friday.  Your progress on the 4th test today suggests your on the up!

Mr T

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