Friday 5 October 2018

Meeting 1 Friday 5th October 2018 3pm -4pm in the Conference Room

Visit the Milestones PDF of things to do

Formal introductions

Interests and hobby's
Potential suited role within the company & letter of application to support
What are you good at / like doing / don't like doing

Ideas on a flip chart

Any common interests to focus on

First weeks challenge - each short list of at least TWO preferred ideas or products 

Look at the United Nations 17 Goals and think of an idea that we can align with one of these initiatives or

Pick a few known businesses in similar industries to the ideas discussed in the meeting and come up with ideas on how they could be better or more niche - Think gap in the market - emerging trends - existing products or services.  We can find out what the market wants using or

Survey friends and family to find out 100's of problem's  you only need one to build a business:

Create a questionnaire/survey for your target market and ask the following questions in relation to your business industry. Fill in the blanks for 'XYZ'. Collect 100 problems from your target market. 
( is a great tool to collect information)
  1. What would you say are your 3 top problems with XYZ?
  2. What stresses you out with XYZ?
  3. If you could just have a break from something what would that be?
  4. If you find yourself worrying about XYZ, what is it about?
  5. If you could fix one thing with XYZ what would that be?
  6. What do you wish you had more of?
  7. What do you wish you had less of?
  8. As you think about where you want to have or be in XYZ, why don’t you already have it?
  9. If funding wasn’t a problem what would be the first thing you would invest in relation to XYZ?
  10. What do you really want from XYZ?

    Think of other questions you might want to add that may be better suited for your business industry too. 
  11. To gather this information, really think about where your target market is hanging out. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Forums, Events, etc)

oh and don't forget to think of a company name.

The brownies were great.  Who's bringing a sweet treat next week?

Mr T

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