Tuesday 5 June 2018

Dear Year 12

this the final part of the final unit.

P4 Demonstrate Customer Service Skills in a T&T context.
M2 Deal independently with customers in a T&T situation

P5 Demonstrate selling skills in a T&T situation
M3 Demonstrate effective reselling skills in a T&T situation

D2 Demonstrate good product knowledge, customer service and selling skills to provide a consistently high standard of customer service in three different situations

P4 / M3 / D2 will see you prepare for the THREE role plays  (one face to face, one over the phone and a complaint that you deal with finally by email)

P5 requires you to demonstrate your selling skills in one of the above role plays by building RAPPORT, establishing customers needs,  and demonstrating your product knowledge and overcoming some resistance before closing the sale.

18 / 19th June Role Plays begin - Face to face

25 / 26th June  - Role plays continue - over the phone

29th June  - Final role play- complaint handling and your final evaluation for D2

Cant quite believe that we are nearly all done for the year.

Mr T

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