Wednesday 15 November 2017

Year 8 Computing

Lesson 2 on graphics - The difference between BITMAPS and VECTOR graphics
Todays lesson is a research and presentation
Year 8 Graphics- Our first few lessons are just really defining the differences between bitmap and vector graphics. There are worksheets but they could also do their own research on this ( the differences etc )and present to class. The homework will be related to this.


I quite like this youtube clip so we can have a look after a few minutes of research to check that were on the right track



Lessons 1 and 2 have  worksheets for them to do- I know it gets a bit confusing at lesson 3!
Christmas Market Signage Activity

Lesson 3 gets them to look at the concept of layering and will require a bit of photoshop ( have you used this before?) if I had them last year they will know some of it but might be worth going through the basics with them.

(there are great resources and tutorials on the KS3- y9 page) for basic photoshop skills.


Really at this stage they are still looking at composition/ layouts of graphics/ they can easily spend a lesson analysing a movie poster/ logos etc





They can have a go at using my youtube tutorial on photoshop or illustrator here:



The text effects one is quite easy to follow along with ( if they have headphones) and it gets them used to using photoshop.


Parents evening- you will be in the canteen or main hall at WL, its yet to be confirmed but names will be on tables ( Rachel will be there)


Attitudes/ effort and behaviour are the main topic of conversation I think at this stage!

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