Monday 9 October 2017

Young Enterprise Company Programme - Week 3 Meeting 3

Dear ImberEntreprenuers

  • Will Peter D be as impressed as he was last week?
  • Will you be as impressed with our VIF (fellow learner) from Year 7 ?
  • Well lets look at what's impressive about you so far:
  • We have a winning team!

We also have a Board of Directors:

Managing Director - Nell Foister
Company Secretary - Charlotte Shorey
Director of Finance - Charlotte Powell
Director of Sales - Oliva Thompson
Director of Marketing - James Salter
Director of Human Resources - James Woodward
Director of Operations - Marina Billings
Director of Digital Technology - Harrison Malik
Director of Corporate Social Responsibility - Alex Manalus

Do we have a wining NAME and a winning PRODUCT to turn into a winning BRAND

Todays meeting Agenda:
  1. Presentation of four business ideas
  2. Presentation of Ruby Doyle's Business Idea here
  3. Vote for and short list your favourite one
  4. Agree a convenient date and time for the weekly Board Room Meeting
  5. Get your head around your next weeks challenge which is here

Good luck and have a great week and remember all the resources that you need are available on the link here including the process as a flow diagram, a calendar of key dates and typical time line here the suggested minutes for each meeting and a typical agenda to run it by

Peter & Mr T

PS just in case you still don't believe your next year's winners this was last years finalists here or even this chap from Harvard here

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