Thursday 5 October 2017

Tycoon in School 2017 -18 launches the ImberEntrePreneurs

Dear Year 10's  or should I call you ImberEntrePreneurs! (IEP's)

At Imberhorne 'We are what we do and we do it for you' so well done for signing up to this once in a lifetime learning by doing opportunity.  Here's a quick why bovver for everyone else!

First of all a little about our sponsor Peter Jones and his Foundation here

I hope by now you have a great and exciting business idea to write a business plan for.

  • The link to the website is here
  • The Business Plan PowerPoint is here
  • The Business plan template is here so download it as a word document or save it in your Google Docs to work on collaboratively.

But before you do anything you might want to watch his video sharing his Ten Top Tips below:

and How we made our millions! below here

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