Wednesday 4 October 2017

Dear Year 11 here's to our 'Double Trouble' lesson for this week

Well can you keep up the pace?

Inspired by you I have stayed with the lesson outline  "to feed your hunger" for learning but don't think you can cherry pick the best bits you will be getting to enjoy it all. The a la carte comment means that you just get to pick the order !  Feel free to give me feedback on what you'd like more and less of as we grow!

Homework from last week- repeat ! (A*-C)
Malvern Safari Park click here 

I've added a little writing frame here to plan your answer and to guarantee our 100% A* to B as well as an exam assistant template for building your confidence with understanding the command word  on IDENTIFY and EXPLAIN and ASSESS so use these tools wisely and remember what it helps you to do as it won't be available in the exam in 133 days from now!

Starter - A la carte

Self and peer reflection on homework from last lesson - the power of self marking & verbal feedback so lets start with this here!

Last weeks HOT News - Current Affairs Business Quiz - missed from lesson so why not try
anyway and see how good your current affairs knowledge is! (A*-C)


Main Course (a la Carte)

Activity 1 - Class notes - subject knowledge from PowerPoint on student shared (Lesson 4 Repeat Purchase TTH ) (A*-C)

Activity 2 - How would you GUARANTEE a REPEAT PURCHASE Using the 4P's (A*-C)

Activity 3 - Now for the serious stuff with a partner- Writing the A* Answer (A*-C)

This weeks 'Exit Ticket' click here

Homework - You choose this week!

Due date 11th October 2017 P3 or BEFORE ! Double learning - marking last weeks homework here plus an exam question that you can collect from the box on the desk in room 82 or an electric version here

I hope you enjoy the lesson today as much as I did planning and facilitating it!

Out of interest was it a 1 - Outstanding 2 - Good enough 3 - needs more planning and inspiration or 4 - Pants!

Until next week when we start with ...

Mr T

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