Thursday 21 September 2017

Something for everyone for the weekend - Our melting pot of inspiration

Good Morning Year 11

Well, this week went very quickly too, didn't it.

I still have not heard of any problems from anyone so I guess all is going just swell but shout if you need anything and well done for surviving the new routine as were nearly approaching the half term. 

Collective Responsibility - Think of your school community and how you have benefited from it and put a little something back by showing your appreciation:
Still to sign up as an Ambassadors for all or part of the Imberhorne Year 6 Parents Open Evening on Thursday 28th September from 5pm to 8pm here

Quote of the week in Imberhorne "You've just got to work hard for it sir" said a Year 10 GCSE Business student when I asked her how she was coping with all her homework!

What is programmed to destroy itself travelling at 76,000 MPH today for those thinking about A- level Physics! Did anyone get the answer to this from last week?

BBC Short Stories competition preparations for 2018 or for now here

Book At Bedtime for you budding A-level English students

BBC More or less for you budding Economists

What's on this weekend in Britain
Surprisingly quite a lot. Anything you fancy near here

Ted Talks
I have included a very short video created by Ted Talks this week 15-minute clip answers the question. How great leaders inspire action?   
This might inspire you to watch some other Ted Talks on a topic of your choice to ignite your interest in a SUPER CURRICULAR in the event that you do end up applying to a 'redbrick' University or Oxbridge!

Thought for the day - My favourite this week by Dr Sam Wells
This really is a very short daily thought provoker.  Not every day is as good as the last but some are gob smackingly brilliant if you can take 3-4 minutes to listen to them here

Thought for the week - the language of dots
What six dots has 62 combinations and opens up the world for many to see find out here?

Digital Pencil Case
This weeks addition to your digital pencil case to connect up your learning is what I showed you in Tutor Time.  Why not download Blog Press as I did to write this and Blog about your own thoughts and ideas.  You never know it might earn you money and better still turn your passion into a career like Mollie Bylett here and here

You can access it for free on the Google App store through the Imberhorne G-Suite.  You just need a Google Account and your in.  Let me know what you think of it.

And now for something completely different...
This week's weird and wonderful WWW clip Click here

Feel free to email your favourite clip to share with the tutor group before next Friday

Have a lovely weekend and well done for keeping up with yourself during the first three weeks back

Mr T

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