Tuesday 26 September 2017

Imberhorne's Young Enterprise Entrepreneurs 2017 - 2018

Dear Imberhorne Entrepreneurs

Firstly can I congratulate you all on spotting the merits of taking up this opportunity?  I can assure you that you will all be impressed at what you achieve this year. This is our complete team here now the opportunity has begun

Secondly, some of you were may have been wondering about Peter Dolphin's experience to mentor you through this process this year.  Well, I have included a few lines below. 

He is first and foremost a father and also a recently retired local businessman who comes from a long pedigree of entrepreneurs from the service and manufacturing sectors.

Peter's Mother’s side of the family included Eustace Watkins who left the Quill pen dynasty to set up car dealerships in and around London, post-war with the Wolsey Hornet Six being their most popular conversion.  He worked in the family motor business after graduating in Engineering at Birmingham University and secured a proper apprenticeship with the British Motor Company (BMC). The link here shows his grandfather with Lord Nuffield

Peter's Father’s side of the family were shirt makers in Piccadilly, known as Dare and Dolphin and were that well thought of that King George VI granted them a Royal Warrant here which you can see in the hand-sketched advertisement from 1937 here.  

So Peter's pure entrepreneurial background from both bloodlines should see him in prime position to coach your team to next years UK final which will not only look OUTSTANDING on your CV whether it's for that university application, an apprenticeship, work-based training opportunity or even a bank loan application for self-employment.

Anyway, that's enough about Peter the link here is all about your first challenge and remember "there is no I in team" so let's see what company name you come up with and what first product you create.

All best wishes and good luck

Mr T  

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