Wednesday 12 July 2017

Securing the research for CA part 2 & 3

Dear Year 10 GCSE

Well with all three parts of the controlled assessment planned and the write up completed many of you are still missing evidence (findings) in an APPENDIX to support  the points that you make.

Evidence for Controlled assessment Part 2 - Promotional methods and campaigns could include

  • Examples of cheap, special buys or non food promotions
  • Promotions about AWARDS that supermarkets have one.
  • Adverts about weekly specials and one offs!
  • Adverts promoting copycat brands
  • The article below is a great example of the kind of things Dilali could do to launch its new business in Oxted

How Aldi and Lidl have wooed the British Shopers with their top 5 tactics

Controlled Assessment Part 3 research - e-commerce

  • You could include some examples of the e-commerce that the big four supermarkets offer
  • You could include some examples of what Aldi & Lidl offer currently in the form of e-commerce e.g. free delivery on wine selection by the case.
  • Aldi's attitude to e-commerce is available to read in the article below

Lidl to add 60 new stores over the next 2 years but no intention of developing their home delivery 

Controlled Assessment Part 3 research - product mix

  • You could include examples of different ready meals that Aldi and Lidl  and Waitrose stock e.g. Charlie Bingham 
  • You could talk about the cheap booze products that Aldi and Lidl sell
  • You could talk about the seasonal products that Alddi and Lidl sell
  • You could include evidence of the cheap luxury products that Aldi & Lidl sell e.g. £9.99 Champagne and £2.95 Smoked Salmon
  • You could talk about the copycat brands that Aldi & Lidl sell

Controlled Assessment Part 3 research - Questionnaire

  • This is your own primary research that should ask no more than 10 questions about what customers local to Oxted would want from a supermarket. An example of this from Tandridge Leisure can be found on the shared drive.under business studies, year 10 CA 2017
  • You could ask questions to potential customers about any of the above on e-commerce and product mix.
  • The evidence you collect should be from a minimum of 10 replies and you could make some sense of this information in the form of an analysis based on what percentage of people say what about each question e.g. 10% would like a full home delivery service, 90% of older people would like a carry to car service.

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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