Wednesday 24 May 2017

Now its time to revise GCSE Business Studies Paper 2

Good morning year 11

You now have 50% of the marks in teh bag.  25% from the controlled assessment and 25% from the first exam that you did this morning so your half way home but have everything to play for.  Below are a few videos to get you thinking and recapping the paper two theory which is in the first week back after half term


Production click here

Adding value in production click here

Quality click here

Economies of scale click here


Finance section is here

Costs click here

Break even analysis click here

Sources of finance click here

Revenue & Profit click here

Cash flow forecast click here

External Environment

Globalisation click here

Exchange Rates click here

Exam Tecnique

Understanding how the marks are awarded in the exam click here

Exam Papers that relate to the Bowton Mountain Festival case study in paper 2

Paper 1 and mark sheet see frog

Paper 2  and mark sheet see frog

Bowton Mountain Festival case study see frog

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