Friday 24 March 2017

Easter resources for Year 10 topics

Dear Year 11

these are the powerpoints I did for you to revise unit 1 - year 10 work

I have also attached here Caileigh's Notes.  

Caileigh was a year 11 student in a previous year group who got an A grade.  Her own revision notes are here. Use them in conjunction with the powerpoints below to revise for unit 1 (25% overall marks)

Key terms for Unit 1 here  here and here and a brief VLOG on the availability of marks

Other resources
  • Revision Guide 1 - for Year 10 subjects click here and Revision Guide 2 for year 10 subject knowledge click here
  • Flash cards are available here for OCR Unit 1 Paper 1 revision
  • Business and People for a set of flash cards click here and here and here
  • Topic by topic powerpoints and videos with Mr T see below
Powerpoints from last term
  1. The need for business activity click here and VLOG and how to be an entrepreneur here
  2. Business ownership growth and location click here and VLOG and here on Sole Traders, and bigger companies such as LTDs & PLC's here and Franchise here
  3. The recruitment and selection process click here and VLOG
  4. Types of and importance of training click here and VLOG
  5. Motivating workers by monetary means click here and VLOG
  6. Non monetary rewards to motivate workers click here and VLOG
  7. Employment law click here and VLOG
  8. The role of the Trade Unions click here and VLOG
  9. Internal organisational structures and
  10. The role of functional areas click here and VLOG
  11. How and why organisations change over time here and VLOG
  12. Changing work pattern here and VLOG
  13. Methods of communication used by business and barriers to effective communication click here and VLOG
  14. The impact of IT in business communication click here and VLOG
  15. Business Aims and Objectives click here and VLOG
  16. Stakeholders and their influence click here and VLOG
Top Tips on How to Revise
Past Papers from Unit 1 Exams to check you've got it

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