Friday 15 July 2016

Year 7 & Year 8 Careers Academy at Oxted School

Dear Year 7 & Year 8

today is an opportunity to consider where you are now in your thinking regarding a career and where you would like to be in seven years time as it will go very quickly.

If you can appreciate the relevance of education a little more after this session you may even spend time thinking about a career development plan to ensure that you hit your personal goals.

I have met many young people in year 7 & 8 this year.  Some want to be surgeons, others want to be fire fighters, some farmers and others computer coders.  Regardless of what you wish do for a career you have a much better chance of achieving it if you plan your journey in that direction.

Today we will use Kudos software to track your likes and dislikes by answering questions.

This software has been developed to suggest certain careers that may be of interest.  The more questions you answer the more accurate the suggestions so all i would ask is that you are honest and open in your response and get to investigate some real possibilities for you.

They say if you turn a passion or a hobby into a job and career it will never feel like a days work ever again.

Anyway let me know how you get on with this activity by clicking here and set up your own account using your school email and make up a password.

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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