Thursday 23 June 2016

P1 Unit 8 Creating an Organisational chart for Oxted School and Tandridge Leisure

Good morning year 11

For P1 Unit 8

  1. You still need to complete an organisational structure.  As you've been here for longer than me it makes sense that the first organisational structure is on Oxted School - You can pick either the teaching and learning side of the organisational chart or the pastoral side.
  2. You then need to create an organisational structure for a business of your choice.
  3. You then need to explain the main functional areas of a business which are:
  • Finance - click here
  • Human Resources - click here
  • Sales and Marketing - click here
  • Production or Operations - click here
Morgan has found a couple of links that might helps here and here

Shout if you need anymore help with P1


Mr T

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