Tuesday 18 April 2017

GCE Business Studies Revision Resources

Hi Year 12

Six simple steps to make habits ahead of the AS and mock exams:
1. Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before the exam and prepare your supplies in advance to avoid extra stress.

2. In the exam, plan your answers before you start writing. Read all of the questions before choosing the options you feel most confident answering.

3. If you're stuck, identifying the key information and command words in the question can help you create your line of argument, so read the question carefully

4. The question paper is yours to annotate and highlight during the exam, so if that helps you, scribble away!

5. Keep an eye on the time, spend the appropriate time on each question based on how many marks it's worth. 

6. When you have finished, go through the paper and check all your work for errors and make sure you have attempted every question you are required to.
These are the resources made by you and shared by you:

  1. Course overview mindmap click here you may have to register for this site but its free!
  2. Bethany Low's - Alternative specification check-list click here
  3. Arman & Richard - GoConqr.com
  4. Tutor2U Revision Videos click here
  5. For flash cards click here
  6. I created a blog page of resources for teachers here.  Just use the lower half of it for your revision
  7. Revision powerpoint on Finance click here
  8. Revision powerpoint on equations hat tip to Fraser with this one click here
  9. Revision powerpoint on Operations click here
  10. Spider Diagram of whole course click here
  11. AQA revision notes on key topics click here
  12. Answering the 9 & 12m questions click here
  13. Answering the 16 & 20m questions click here
  14. Last but not least the icing on the cake is here well you always get excited when I mention the word quiz!
  15. Formula of key data click here
  16. Teaching Topic Models - Crucial that you understand these! click here
  17. Revision World resources for Year 12 & 13 click here
think that's all folk.....
Past Papers and mark schemes from the AQA website
Specimen papers from AQA for this new course click here

Can i suggest as you now know the content of the course that you use previous past papers and only do the questions that are in the current course from old papers below - now that you are off timetable

Specimen Paper 1 click here
Specimen Paper 2 click here
Specimen Insert - click here

Business 2 Practice Paper A click Insert
Practice paper 1 click here
Practice paper 2 click here

Practice Paper 1 click here
Business 2 Practice Paper B - click here
Business 2 - Practice Paper B Insert - Click here

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