Tuesday 29 September 2015

Cover lessons for TJT on Wednesday 30th September 2015

Dear all

these are the classes and work set up for tomorrow:

Period 1      Year 13D    Travel 7 Tourism
                                       Complete P2 / M1 Unit 7 and start planning P3 using resources on shared

Period 2      Year 12D   A level Business
                                       Investigate how businesses make decisions using data
                                       click here and summarise what you have read in your own words
                                       Then before next lesson we have read up on decision trees here

Tutor           Year 10TT Complete MFL Music quiz on frog and fill in answers on sheet provided

Period 3       Year 10X   GCSE Business Studies.
                                         We will be starting a new topic on TRAINING

Period 4       Year 11X   GCSE Business Studies.
                                         Complete power point presentation on Control in Production process and
                                         complete topic test on Mr T's desk

Period 5        Tycoon in Schools 
                                         Please ask any students to email me their business plan before they go home
                                         for the day!

'That's all folks...'

Big thanks for being patient with me today

Mr T

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