Monday 31 August 2015

Year 7’s will be using one Computer Science lesson to complete their internal assessments, MIDGIE I think they are called, I may be wrong. I have combined the first lesson and second lesson together as the first lesson was very short anyway. In the first lesson students will be shown how to log on to the network and be given their exercise books. We are using some very nice new snazzy exercise books called exercise book 2.0. The PowerPoint provided will show pupils how to fill them in etc step-by-step.

The first of the 3 online safety lessons that students will complete will follow on straight from this, probably in the same lesson.  The powerpoint can be seen here if you'd like to look at it again after the lesson or even before the lesson

After the MIDGIE exams you should finish of the online safety lesson. Resources are available from the drop box link.

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