Monday, 7 September 2015

Studying business at A - level ! What's in it for me?

Good morning year 12

Welcome to A level business.

Why did you choose to study this course ?

Working in your own business or working in someone else's?

Either way if you understand how a business works you stand a much better chance of finding an area that you enjoy working in and will as a result get promoted very quickly.

This course is really all about understand how to make decisions and the process behind making effective decisions and how those have an impact on the teams that you will ultimately be working in.

3.2 Managers, leadership and decision making

3.2.1 Understanding management, leadership and decision making - first three lessons

  • Introduction to the course and the job roles and organisational structures that a business can adopt

  • Lesson 1 the role of the Manager - what do they do? click here and some background reading on the difference between managers and leaders can be found here   (Objective setting, analysing,  leading, making decisions, reviewing)

  • Lesson 2 Management and leadership styles - autocratic - democratic - the big question 'are managers leaders?' - is discussed here so listen to the video clip before the next lesson and the What is leadership preview and click here

  • Lesson 3 Theories of management and leadership styles starting with the important aspect of leadership here - Leadership orientation can be either be 'task orientated or people orientated' see here Tannenbaum Schmidt continuum can be explained here so read and take notes, the Blake Moulton Grid is explained here


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