Thursday 9 July 2015

Cover work for TJT Friday 10th July 2015

Dear all

Sadly I wont be able to be with you all today as I am out being trained on how to deliver the new A level in Business Studies but I would like you to focus accordingly on the following:

Period 1 Non contact

Period 2 Year 11Y GCSE Business Studies   (Hut M)

  • Those that need to complete their controlled assessment can use the lesson to do so
  • Those that have not can carry out a brake even activity ready for September

Period 3 Year 10Y BTEC Business Studies   (Hut M)

  • End of topic test on brake even and cash flow forecasting

Period 4 Year 11Z BTEC  Business Studies   (BSO)

  • Complete either P3 from Unit 1 or 
  • P5 from Unit 1 or both to ensure that your finished by Easter 2016

Period 5 Non Contact lesson

Have a good weekend and hope that you all put the inset day to good use.

Best wishes

Mr T

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