Thursday 18 June 2015

Cover work for Mr Thompson 19th June 2015

Dear all

Sadly I wont be able to be with you today but I would like you to focus on the following:

Period 1 Year 13 L3 Travel and Tourism
With 4 weeks to go you need to complete P1 P2 and P3 of Unit 2 along with any outstanding work that you are finishing for Mr Shockley on Unit 1 and Unit 3

Period 2 Year 11X GCSE Business Studies
Start to revise the five topic areas for your year 11 Entrance Exam on 29th June 2015 see here
Legal structure and business ownership
Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sectors of industry
Shareholders and location
Recruitment and selection
Redundancy, trade unions and ACCAS

Period 3 Year 10X  GCSE Business Studies
Finish off this weeks assessment
Complete theory notes on 1.4 Types of business organisations
Start theory notes on 1.5 Trading organisations
Remind all of homework for next week 'My business ideas to launch whilst at Oxted School'

Period 4 Year 11W GCSE Business Studies
Revise topic two PRIMARY SECONDARY and TERTIARY SECTORS and STAKEHOLDERS using PowerPoint and mind maps in Year 11 shared area.
Homework: To continue revision as per blog page here for Yr 11 Entrance Exam on 29th June 2015

Period 5 Non Contact lesson

Have a good weekend and hope that you all put the inset day to good use.

Best wishes

Mr T

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