Wednesday 22 April 2015

Unit 2 The Business of Travel & Tourism

Hi Year 12

The Unit 2 specification can be found here

for P2 we are going to research TWO businesses and create a presentation to deliver to year 12 students who start in Travel and Tourism in term six.

What the exam board are looking for:

For P2, learners should describe the organisational and financial characteristics of two different types of travel and tourism organisations with different structures. For example, they could select a medium national private limited company involved in outbound tourism and a local partnership involved in domestic tourism. All items of range must be included in the description. If the two organisations selected do not offer the opportunity to cover all the items of range, these items can be covered through other organisations and for each you will describe the organisational structure and financial characteristics.

I have identified TWO businesses to research but you do not have to use these if you have contacts in other contrasting businesses.

British Airways

  • Annual report 2013-14
  • IAG report (IAG have know merged with BA)
  • IAG see profits grow click here
  • Recent strikes impacting on BA in France see article here
  • Delays and diversions and how they impact on the financial position of BA click here
The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Company website is here
  • The conference call to transcript that took place with UTC last week is available on request so ask Mr T
I will attach the assignment checklist here when it is completed

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

Evidence  for P2 - Taster Day Presentation to year 11 (powerpoint)

Deadline for this piece of work is Wednesday 13th May 2015


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