Friday 17 April 2015

P1 - Audit of business communications at OXTED School - lesson 17th April 2015

Dear year 12

by now some of you will have collected lots of information about how OXTED school communicates with its stakeholders.  You are going to look at FOUR areas and for each areas you need to consider at least three examples:

  • Verbal communication
  • Written Communication
  • On screen or multimedia communication
  • Web based communication
To PASS P1 first time for each of the four areas you will need to:

Start with your introduction - what are you aiming to do in this assignment
  1. Describe what that is in your own words what this method of communication is all about and trying to achieve
  2. Explain the PURPOSE of each type of communication shared.  Reliable and valid information is essential for all businesses which they share for a variety of PURPOSES.  The purpose of most communications will fall into one of the following areas:
  • Offering a competitive insight into the offer of the business
  • Updating the knowledge of the employees (and the parents and students in the case of Oxted School)
  • Informing STAKEHOLDERS of future developments of the organisation
  • Inviting STAKEHOLDERS to support future initiatives.
  • Communicating OPPORTUNITIES 
  • Helping develop a STRATEGIC DIRECTION for the organisation
3. Identify the SOURCE (where the communication is generated from e.g. internally any information which is generated from within the organisation.  The majority of which comes from the FUNCTIONAL AREAS, FACULTIES, HOUSES SLT ADMIN, HR, MARKETING, FINANCE or head.  Alternatively the information can come from   or externally and from which department in the school.

Finish with your conclusion - what did you find out about communication at OXTED School. Was there enough, was it effective and all very appropriate and useful or was it too much information OVERLOAD? 

Remember your deadline date for this unit is Wednesday 22nd April 2015

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