Tuesday 10 March 2015

Unit 3 Branding P5 and M3 challenge

P5 Plan a promotional campaign
Know you have a brand; you now need to plan out the promotional campaign to launch your brand.  Ideally, you could begin creating some of the promotional material you would use.  You need to include in your plan:
  • What your promotional objectives are
  • The selected promotional mix – you must have at least: a poster; advert for a newspaper/magazine; mail shot/direct marketing and website. 
  • Explain the media used and reasons why and how the AIDA model will help communicate with customers
  • Why this promotional mix is appropriate for the product/service and how this will make the promotional plan successful.
M4 Justify the choice of promotional mix for a brand

You will need to create a presentation which SHOULD JUSTIFY the CHOICE of the promotional mix that you have designed for your client. In order to this successfully, you will need to explain:

  1. Why you have selected the promotional material for the business.
  2. Think about how will help meet the objectives of the campaign,
  3. how the logo is suitable for the business
  4.  how the promotional methods link to the purpose, size and scale of the business
  5. Would the costs outweigh the benefits
  6. How do each of the promotional activities help contribute to improving sales

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