Thursday 5 March 2015

M1 Unit 29 - Stretch and Challenge

Compare the function of formats and locations in retailing
The grading criteria for M1 requires learners to compare the function of formats and locations in retailing. Learners should be reminded that ‘compare’ means to identify similarities and differences and that a ‘function’ is what something does. Retail format and store location are closely linked. Retail format means the type of store; retail location means where the store is situated. Learners will need to have a thorough understanding of both retail formats and retail locations.

Retail formats include:
      multiple chains
      department stores
      discount stores
      shopping villages
      factory shops
      television shopping channels
      Internet traders.

Store locations include:
      in town stores
      in town shopping centres
      out of town retail parks
      out of town regional centres.

Learners could look at four different retail formats that they are familiar with and compare the function of each retail format with their location.
1.    Is there a link between the two?  For example, where are the larger retail formats?

2.    Why do you think that retailers prefer to use a range of retail formats and store locations?

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