Sunday 22 March 2015

Cover lessons for TJT 23rd March 2015

Dear all

this is what I have planned for you to do in my absence on Monday

AM Registration with Miss Trumpeter in H7

Period 1 Year 12 L2 Business
  • Complete P3 and P4 here Focus on BRAKE EVEN and CASHFLOW
  • Finish off any outstanding work from Unit 5, 7 or Unit 1 as I now only have until Friday to take it from you and mark it before the end of term.  I will not be taking in any more work to mark after next THURSDAY.

Period 4 Year 12 L3 Business.
  • Continue with P5&P6 Unit 4 which is the work that you started on Friday and both should be uploaded to the portal by close of play Wednesday.
  • P7 resources can be found here and the supporting PowerPoint here a print out is available you to take from the front of the class
PM Registration 7S2 - with Miss Trumpeter in H7
    good luck and enjoy

    Mr T

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