Tuesday 24 February 2015

P7 Describe the tools and resources needed for the business P8 Describe how tools and resources will be obtained

The purpose of this assignment is to:  provide you with an opportunity to produce the financial plan for your business. This assignment assesses the learning outcomes:
·         Be able to use terminology used for financial planning
·         Know about sources of finance
·         Be able to produce a robust financial model for a micro-business

·         Be able to develop a costed supply chain


This is the eighth in a series of assignments which take you step by step along the process of developing a business plan for your own business. When you have finished this assignment you should keep it safely as it will form part of your business plan.

Task 1

Firstly you need to work out what tools and other resources you are going to need for your business. To do this:
 Make an estimate of your sales for years one and two
·Make a list of the fixed assets you will need e.g. tools, transport, computers, and decide how you will obtain each type.
·Complete the Fixed Assets Worksheet

This task  provides evidence for assessment criteria P7 and P8 

Deadline date for both P7 and p8 is Wednesday 4th March 2015

Sales for the year  by Month P8

Income   Jan  Feb  March  April  May  June   July  August  Sept      
Oct    Nov     Dec    Total
Source 1
Source 2

Fixed  Assets Worksheet for ____________________________ Business (P7)

Description of Tool or Item of Equipment
Description of how this will be obtained

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