Tuesday 20 January 2015

P2 Describe the purpose and user requirements for the spreadsheet

Good morning year 12L2 IT

Designing your spreadsheet

When designing anything you first need to start with a design plan!

Your design should include:

The intended purpose of the user requirements

Design documentation that includes:

  • a working structure diagram showing the proposed layout, calculations, processes (e.g. formula and functions) and data input method (e.g. labeling and row and column use, forms, cell formatting, validation, conditional formatting)
  • user input interface identifying appropriate tools and techniques
  • user output data (e.g. ideas for presentation showing formats and tools and techniques
  • onscreen user navigation and guidance (e.g. navigation prompts, input messages and validation (including lists)
  • test plan with test data to test functionality (e.g.test, expected results, actual results)
  • a brief outline of alternative design ideas (e.g. choice of calculations and artistic style of the solution). 
For L1 pass learners as a minimum should identify the purpose and the user requirements for their spreadsheet design

Deadline date:

Example spreadsheet here - cashflow forecasting that uses the following data here

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