Tuesday 16 December 2014

P2 prepare and apply for at least THREE job roles in the IT or creative computing industires

To PASS P2 you need to do several things:

  1. Write a covering letter for each vacancy.  To do this well you will need the JOB DESCRIPTION and PERSON SPECIFICATION from the job advert.
  2. Create a TAILORED TWO page CV for each vacancy. This is instead of completing an application form. To find out more click here
  3. Complete an interview with confidence for one vacancy.  You will be interviewed for the job by a selection panel of three people.  You decide which job you will be interviewed for.  You will need to provide a summary of the position that you have applied for along with your letter and CV. They will decide if your application was confident. See Mr T for an interview checklist
Deadline date Wednesday 7th January 2014

Checklist to complete P2 

  • having identified the three jobs from P1 see if you can print off the job description and person specification
  • Create a CV and change it to emphasise the skills, qualifications and experience that you have for each job (3 CVs)
  • Write your covering letter applying for each vacancy
  • Prepare for an interview with a panel for one of the three jobs
  • Give the interview panel a summary of the position a copy of your letter and the CV that you created to go with it.
  • Book a time to carry out the interview with at least three days notice ! 

Good luck and do well

Mr T

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