Thursday 6 November 2014

P5 Provide support for the running of an event

Hi Year 13

We now need to start thinking about in detail how the next few weeks will pan out.  For P5 learners are expected to demonstrate:

What detailed plans they have confirmed a month from the event, a week from the event and the night from the event.  Can I suggest that you do this for each functional area in your pairs but submit your own summary of what you have agreed and set up.

You will also need to demonstrate how as a team you intend to provide support in:

  • agreeing signage and car parking marshals
  • greeting the guests to the main atrium and pantomime as well as the YE fair
  • Greeting delegates from YE teams across Oxfordshire
  • checking all equipment is working and that you have enough of it - RCDs and extension leads
  • Monitoring numbers in and out of the event in real time
  • Making notes on the night of what went well and what could be improved for next year
  • Monitoring cancellations and having a reserve list of stall holders so ensure 100% occupancy on the night
  • Who will be part of the cash handling team on the night?
  • Who will be part of the stall uniform, signage and price lists displays on the night
  • Who will deliver the stall holder briefing and when and where will this take place
Lets discuss P5 today

Mr T

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