Wednesday 22 October 2014

Cover work for all classes on Thursday 23rd October 2014

Dear All

these are the classes and the lessons that the class will need to focus on today:

Period 1 & 2 Yr 12 L2 Business 
Please complete any outstanding work from P1 to P6 from Unit 1 and print and submit before Friday
See scores on the doors for more detail of what you have outstanding

Period 3     Year 9 GCSE
Year 9 GCSE will focus on calculating the brake even point of a business (any business) using the graph method as discussed last lesson.  Could all students in the class add some comments to the marked activities in their

  • Starter - identifying the different costs that a business incurs - Start up, Variable & Fixed Costs
  • Main Activity - Calculate the brake even point for a fish and chip take-away and plot the point on a graph as per last lesson
  • Homework - Learn the key terms on the subject for a test after half term
  • AG&T - see separate worksheet

Period 4     Year 12 L2 IT
Year 12 will be submitting any outstanding work from this term eg P1 P2 P3 or P4 which is due before end of play on Friday.  Any corrections will need to be made to returned work by friday also.

Period 5     Year 13 L3 Business
Year 13 L3 you have a deadline on Friday P4 and M1.  M1 will require you to complete the Risk / Benefit statement on the portal. Any other corrections for any outstanding P tasks or Merit tasks should also be back with me before we go into half term.

Good luck all and enjoy

Mr T

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