Wednesday 8 October 2014

P3 & P4 How to plan an event?

Hi Year 13

a few pointers if you need them:

  • Type of event / purpose - routine or non routine - formal informal - exhibition - training - reception - conference - trade fair
  • Prior arrangements - how important is the brief? Understanding the target audience? Having a theme? Identifying a purpose to keep everyone focussed? How importatnt is budgeting and costing out activities that you will need to pay for? How important is it to communicate arrangements internally and externally? How will you advise that this is done?   
  • Picking the right venue - why should you know about different veneus/ How far in advance should you book these? How importan tis it to assess the facility and see how its layout can be made to fit your event? How important is the site services team? How important is parking ?
  • Identifying the resources - how important is having a room big enough for your event and not too big or too small? What will limit the use of a venue? How important is getting access to AV equiptment and PA systems as well as projector, flipcharts, signage and displays? If the venue could not provide this where would you get this from?
  • Scheduling things to do - how important is updating diaries and confirming arrangements
Here is an example of a checklist that might support your how to guide. If you choose to use either you can put this in your appendix. Example one and example two.

The deadlines: for
P3 and Merit 2 is 15th October 2014 and the deadline for P4 and M1 is 22nd October 2014 is

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