Wednesday 10 September 2014

The first assignment to complete for unit 18

Morning year 13


As you did nothing towards this unit over the holidays you have it all to do now.
  • What are the skills and qualities of an event manager.  This link here might help?
  • What is the job role and purpose of an events manager? Can I suggest you find some jobs currently being advertised and download the job description and person specification from the website that the job is being advertised in.  This will tell you the tasks and duties of the ideal candidate and the personal specification will give you the essential and desirable qualities, skills and qualifications required of a successful applicant.
  • A typical job advert for attracting the right candidates would also be good to know!
P1 - describe the skills required of an event manager
P2 - explain the role of an event organiser

Your challenge that you will do is research this before Friday and on Friday you will be given the assignment that allows you to create this evidence. A typical business looking for people can be seen at the link here.  If you don't know then you will fail P1 & P2.

Good luck all

Mr T

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