Friday 12 September 2014

P1 & P2 Unit 18 Managing a Business Event

Dear Year 13

this is your first assessment for this unit which is due in Next Wednesday at 4pm

For P1 and P2 learners must describe the role of an event’s organiser and the skills needed for the successful planning and running of a business event.  Learners must include an overview of the importance of following organisational and legal procedures when organising an event.
Evidence will be in the form of three word documents:
  •           a job description that lists in detail the job roles and tasks including health and safety  and company procedures
  • ·         person specification  - essential and desirable skills, qualities, experience and qualifications.
  • ·        and a job advert for an event manager for a commercial events management company

The task will be taken on Wednesday 17th September 2014 at 4pm 

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