Tuesday 9 September 2014

Learning Aim A: Understand how the components of technology systems work together

Dear year 12 Level 2

As you are now aware we did not register on the course we hoped to teach you by 31st August so we have changed to a different course instead,

Your new course is a BTEC Level 1  / Level 2 First Diploma in Information and Creative Technology.

It is made up of Two compulsory units either Unit 1 The Online World or Unit 2 Technology Systems. You then have to do Unit 3 A Digital Portfolio and a further option with Mr Williams.

Today we will look at Unit 2 which is externally assessed and you will receive approx 30 hours lesson time which will take you up to Christmas after which you will be entered for the online test.

Learning Aim A: Understand how the components of technology systems work together

This week we will try to understand the features, uses and implications of hardware devices including:

  • devices (PC, Server, laptop, tablet, games console and other programmable digital devices
  • Input - keyboard, mouse, sensors, touch screen, microphone, scanner, digital camera
  • Output device - printers (inkjet, laser, impact), speakers, force feedback devices, actuators, screens, projectors, robot arms, other control devices.
  • Storage device - solid state, optical media, magnetic media
  • that modern technology devices that are often multifunctional - have both input and output functionality.
  • how hardware components and software can be combined to form an automated technology system ( self service checkouts, production line)
  • that uses of devices that capture data for automated systems (barcode readers, magnetic strip readers, optical character readers (OCR) optical mark readers (OMR) and radio frequency identification systems (RFID)
  • suitable devices to suit the requirements for a specific user and purpose and justify their use 
Homework for Thursday 11th September 2014

Research and explain in less than 250 words the following
Output devices
•force feedback devices,
•other control devices.
Data capture devices
•optical character readers (OCR)
•optical mark readers (OMR) and
•radio frequency identification systems (RFID)

Thats a lot to get through in a week so lets get smart and efficient with our time here!

I hope that you enjoy and do well

Mr T

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