Wednesday 16 July 2014

Unit 18 Managing an Event - Holiday Homework for Yr13 L3

Hi All

this will keep you busy and a head of the curve.  Over the holidays I want you to do some research into the following for the new unit.  When I say research I mean collect stuff that will skill you up in terms of the knowledge that you will require to present as evidence for the PASS task.  This does not mean write me an essay but collect all the resources that you can find that will support you when you do so that you can refer to all these goodies in your appendices.  Suggested ideas for the research would include:

  • What are the skills and qualities of an event manager.  This link here might help?
  • What is the job role and purpose of an events manager? Can I suggest you find some jobs currently being advertised and download the job description and person specification from the website that the job is being advertised in.  This will tell you the tasks and duties of the ideal candidate and the personal specification will give you the essential and desirable qualities, skills and qualifications required of a successful applicant.
  • Event planning.  Whats involved and how do the most successful event planners plan their events.  Local examples would include Blenheim Palace who have put much effort into their calendar of events for the year and use this as a USP to pay £22 per day to visit promoting the buy one day and get the year for free !
  • Think about an event that you would like to project manage in the Academy.  It has to be an event that will involve potentially the entire school community, friends and families and the wider community of OX4 
  • Think about an Event Checklist for the event that you will plan, manage and execute before Christmas.  Local event management companies include the Mulberry Group and Chilli Sauce
I think that this should keep you up to speed and give you some time to fill with the preperation required to do well next year.  My minimum expectation for you all on this practical unit would be a DISTINCTION or 90 points but you will not get these unless you get involved at all stages of the unit.

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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