Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Understand what operational / business efficiency means and why it can make a business more competitive

Good afternoon year 9

1. The next challenge is to see what you know about business efficiency as a starting point.

1. Click on the link here and do the simple Efficiency Test.

There are many ways to consider cutting costs and we will look at many in more detail next year but here are the main concepts that you need to understand this year.  Click here to find out more. 

For those that like maths I have attached a graph here showing the relationship between efficiency (OUTPUT) and productivity (STAFF) You can test yourself again here once you have read the previous web link.

2. Improving efficiency. Lets see who is the quickest at summarising the notes on this page into their own words

3. Measuring efficiency - how can we do it? Click here Which option do you prefer and WHY?

4. Now lets play a game of connect 4 using what we have learned today.

Finally can we do the simple test that we started with to see how many can now get 10/10 click on the link here and redo the simple test


Mr T

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