Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Challenge 4 - P5 Describe how a selected business meets the needs and expectations of three different types of customers

To PASS P5 you need to create a power-point presentation on a business of your choice.

To do well in this you will need to DISCUSS how a business meets the needs of THREE different customers.  These can be INTERNAL or EXTERNAL and today's lesson will be based on examples at Oxted School and Birmingham International Airport.

Different Types of Customers at Oxted School

CUSTOMERS OF                                 INTERNAL or EXTERNAL

Students with EAL                                 
Local community                                                                             
Support staff               
Accounts team
Disabled visitors or guests
Visually impaired students
Students with SEN
Cater Link
Delivery drivers

Now lets taker a visit to Birmingham Airport

This power-point will save us time and the cost of a taxi!

Theory for this P5 Task

Types of customers include:

  • Internal, e.g. managers, colleagues in own teams and other departments, supervisors, staff
  • external, e.g. existing and new customers, individuals, groups, members of the public (B2C) and business to business (B"B)
  • Customers with special requirements e.g. non English speaking, different ages, different cultures, gender, families, customers with special needs e.g. visual, hearing and mobility
The difference between internal and external customers should be explained with a definition of each.

Factors that impact on the different customers service expectations, e.g. those relating to age, culture, image of the business, public image of the owner, disposable income.

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T 


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