Wednesday 2 July 2014

After your first year of IT at OSA you will then be learning computer programming so lets see what you can do!

Good morning year six.

Today you will choose a program to work on based on something that you may or may not have done before!

  • Scratch - Can be found by clicking on - Computer - Network Applications - Scratch You will then be able to write computing scripts using the block and key suggestions, create different costumes and add sound to your character and finish by developing the background.  Lets see who can create the best all round animation for a commendation.

  • Alice -  Alice can be found by clicking the Start button - all programmes - Alice Alice has the advantage of allowing you to program in 3D and starts in tutorial mode.  So start with tutorial 1 which lasts 20 minutes before you move to tutorial two which takes approx 30 minutes and again the best animation will be demonstrated at the end of the lesson for house points and commendations!

  • Pivot Animation  - This can be found by again clicking the Start button - all programmes - PIVOT  If you choose this software then by the end of the lesson I will be looking for volunteers to teach me as I have never used it before - House points and commendations available for the most competent teach the teacher!

But before we do nay of that I have a message for you from Mark Zuckerberg click here if you would like to re-watch it.

On behalf of the IT Business and Enterprise Faculty we would like to wish you a fun, hard working and exciting two days

Mr T

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