Monday 30 October 2017

Topic B.2 Understand the tools businesses use to plan for success - budgeting

This next topic is all about budgeting.  To complete this task you should understand:

  • the purpose of budgeting in setting expenditure and revenue budgets
  • the difference between budgeting and budgetary control (checking performance against plan)

The power-point here should help you get your head around the next topic very quickly or if you don't like that powerpoint here is another

The video here and here will help you understand why we need to track costs

My First Budget if I was to leave home tomorrow to go to Uni, College or start out on my own is here

Budgeting DISTINCTION case study to do in pairs here

Recap questions on other methods to plan for success here such as BRAKE EVEN & CASHFLOW

Unit 2 Online Finance Exam
With three weeks to go before the exam for this Unit 2 can I suggest that you start revising using the Revision Guide in student shared here and the Revision Workbook in student shared


Mr T

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