Thursday 27 February 2014

Unit 5 - The Marketing Plan

Dear all

This is the final unit that we need to complete by Easter.  If you like the booklet please find an electronic copy here.

Why bovver ? Click here

Watch this weeks version of Pound Shop Wars to see how much difference a marketing plan makes when you try to take your business online.  The race is on .... Click here to see more.

The resources below will help you add more detail to this unit coursework:

  • Three common reasons why a business fail - are any relevant to what you are doing in Unit 5 in this article?

  • The criteria that will effect the different types of media chosen can be found here

  • This document of prices  will allow you to understand the different types of media that your business could use. Click here

  • Advantages and disadvantages of different types of promotional activities can be seen here
  • Creating attention, interest, desire and action.  A worksheet here might help


Mr T

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