Sunday 23 February 2014

Gentle refresher for where you are all at or need to be on Monday 24th February 2014

Dear all

I wont be able to be with you today. Hope that you had a great holiday and are feeling refreshed and ready to spring back into full steam ahead. Please find below a reminder of what you are currently working on by class for today's' lessons.  Use the time wisely to get the results that you deserve:

Period 1 & Period 2  
Year 12 level 2 business.  They have a deadline to reach with the current P4 assignment see here.

Period 3
Year 12 level 2 business.  Unit six on financial modelling theory complete so they will either be finishing off:

  • P3/P4 of their financial modelling spreadsheet.  
  • P5 Stating the reasons behind their projections – they have a template for this
  • P6 Five success key performance indicators that they have chosen to track their business of which three need to be financial indicators and two non-financial.
  • D1 ID three risks to the business and for each explain a possible outcome and draw a conclusion about it

Period 4
No lesson 

Period 5
Year 12 level 2 IT – we are half way through Unit 3 our final unit on this course.  

  • P3 - Most have completed this – how data flows around a computer system
  • P4 - Some have started specifying suitable components to make their PC workstation future proof for the next five years
  • P5 – Some will be preparing to carry out their practical to ‘connect hardware to a computer system and test that it functions’  We will start this task on Wednesday so they should now be looking at ‘how to guides’ to prepare for this challenge. This take a tour article might also help!
Any work that you would like me to take a look at please feel free to email this during or after the lesson.

I look forward to catching up with you all tomorrow on my return.

Best wishes

Mr T

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