Sunday 26 January 2014

P2 Describe how selected organisations uses internet marketing

P2 -  Describe (again!) but this time select THREE businesses that use Internet Marketing to achieve the following unique outcomes below. 

  • One should be a business that sells products or services, 
  • One should be a business giving information click here or here for two great examples and finally 
  • One should be a charity like this here or other not for profit enterprise (social enterprise)

The three areas that you need to cover should include:
  1. Advertise, promote create a greater awareness (AIDA) and information sharing of their products to increase sales especially now with the additional help of Instagram, Facebook, twitter
  2. Carry out cost effective research from the 1:1 feedback and relationship building opportunities that it offers businesses suggesting how the company should expand its range of goods and services.  Companies will provide data which is collected from software attached to company websites showing retention figures click here to read more.  The most important clicks that companies need to track are explained in this article here.  Studying the online behavior of your internet customers is key to finding out what they want and need.  Click here to read more.  Web metrics or data collected and analysed on line as it is known is key to success.  This article shows just some of the data that every entrepreneur should know.  Click here to find out more.
  3. Mass customisation and personalisation of key products in their range e.g. Nike ID
The detailed discussion in this report could consider some of the points below:
  • Advertise their last minute promotions, prices and deals
  • Identify new markets and reach wider distant markets i.e. teenage gamer, uni students, professionals and those on the higher earning salaries
  • Create opportunities to customise their internet products to their new audience e.g. Nike trainers, Apples I tunes Match service
  • Extend their online product range i.e. Love film on demand, Cinema goers Unlimited
  • Increase their marketing attention - developing further their one to one relationships, M&S one day 30% off days
  • Increase the product information to their customers including video clips, online training guides, tutorials, how to manuals etc
  • Develop the mix of online and offline activities forcing shop users to go online to claim deals and online customers to visit the shop to collect vouchers or products.
  • Develop cost effective information gathering methods (research) so that they can understand their customers better and target them more effectively.

PS I've discovered an absolute gem of a slide show below all about Amazon's strategy...Use a minimum of three online businesses to compare and contrast how they differ in their online presence. An example might be how a company uses the internet to advertise last minute promotions. Deadline date Wednesday 5th Feb 2014 the Hidden Empire
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